Application Form for the Pre- Ph. D. Course Work Examination 2018


  1. A REGISTRATION NUMBER AND FEE AMOUNT {i.e. Course Work Fee Rs. 2,500-00, Exam Fee Rs. 2,000-00 and Rs. 50.00 Portal Charges Total Rs. 4,550-00 (excluding bank charges if any)} will be printed on your application form after the process of registration in the website. It is mandatory to enter this REGISTRATION NUMBER in the form provided in the SBI COLLECT PORTAL.
    oSclkbZV esa iathdj.k izfØ;k iw.kZ gksus ds mijkUr vkidks vkosnu i= esa jftLVªs'ku uEcj rFkk 'kqYd dh /kujkf'k ¼dkslZ odZ 'kqYd :0 2]500-00] ijh{kk 'kqYd :0 2]000-00 rFkk :0 50-00 iksVZy 'kqYd & dqy :0 4]550-00 ¼cSad pktZ ;fn gksa rks i`Fkd ls ns; gkasxs½ vkids vkosnu i= esa iznku dh tk;sxhA bl jftLVªs'ku uEcj dks ,l0 ch0 vkbZ0 dySDV ds iksVZy esa fn;s x;s QkeZ esa Hkjuk vfuok;Z gSA
  2. Please be careful while entering this Registration Number, Date of Birth and correct amount in SBI COLLECT PORTAL.
    d`i;k mDr iathdj.k la[;k] viuh tUefrfFk rFkk /kujkf'k dks ,l0 ch0 vkbZ0 dySDV ds iksVZy esa Hkjrs le; lko/kkuh cjrsaA
  3. Your Fee Status Tab will update from pending to success only after 24-48 hours of fee submission.
    'kqYd tek djus ds 24&48 ?kUVksa ds mijkUr Your Fee Status Tab esa vkidk 'kqYd la'kksf/kr gksxkA
  4. ELIGIBLITY – vgZrk
    1. Pre-Ph.D. coursework students of 2018 and those Pre-Ph.D. students of 2017 who have got permission from the University to appear in the course work exam are eligible for Pre-Ph. D. coursework examination.
      o"kZ 2018 ds izh&ih0 ,p&Mh0 dkslZodZ ds vH;FkhZ rFkk o"kZ 2017 ds ,sls Nk= ftudks fo'ofo|ky; }kjk dkslZ&odZ ijh{kk esa lfEefyr gksus dh vuqefr iznku dh x;h gS] izh0 ih&,p0 Mh0 dkslZodZ dh ijh{kk gsrq vgZ gSaA

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